Name: Riley (nickname: Pants) Female

    Breed: Cocker x Lab
    Age: 3
    Discipline: Explosive Detection

    Riley came from one of our trainers and joined the team when she was 13 months old. She completed her course and became operational in June 2016 and has had a busy time since. Riley has been deployed on numerous high-level tasks including protective search duties with visiting Royal and Government delegations, as well as continued high profile search deployments at London’s historic locations and world sporting events.

    Name: Stanley (Stan the Man) Male

    Breed: Labrador 
    Age: 5
    Discipline: Passive Drugs/Pyrotechnic Detection

    Stanley was one of the original puppies we obtained to start our search dog programme and has been a star of the team ever since.
    For the past three years, he has worked at a variety of events held during the annual music festival/concert season. He has also led the dogs in the drugs/pyrotechnic team at major sporting events in the UK, including visits of the NFL franchise to Wembley Stadium and Premiership football matches.
    Stanley, in his time working for his handler, has contributed to a large number of arrests being made and his good work has helped to take potentially harmful drugs off the streets.

    Name: Nell (Lil Nell) Female

    Breed: Labrador 
    Age: 6
    Discipline: Proactive/Passive Drugs and Firearms

    Nell was the very first Alpha Canine search dog and has worked in varying roles with not only security and safety teams, but also a number of UK police forces.
    On her deployments with police units, Nell has recovered large amounts of drugs and discharged rounds of ammunition.
    Her role has been varied working in both a passive and proactive capacity. The oldest member of the team goes from strength-to-strength. Nell has also been responsible for a high number of arrests while deployed.

    Name: Mabel (The Babe) Female

    Breed: Labrador 
    Age: 4
    Discipline: Passive Drugs/Pyrotechnics

    Mabel is the third of the original puppies obtained by us. She works alongside Stanley and has had a busy couple of years at major sporting events and various music festivals and concerts. She, like Stanley, has been responsible for numerous arrests over the past few years

    Name: Flo (Blue Smartie) Female

    Breed: Labrador 
    Age: 2
    Discipline: Explosive Detection

    Flo joined us 18 months ago and was a gift from one of our valued clients to say thank you for the work we have done for them over the past few years. Flo has started her training and should be ready for licensing in June of this year. Her first couple of months training has gone well with her showing a real aptitude for search work with strong positive indications on all hides.

    Name: Buster (Buzz) Male

    Breed: Cocker Spaniel
    Age: 11 Months
    Discipline: Explosive Detection

    Buster joined us a few weeks ago and has settled in well. He has already started his environmental and basic search training. He has shown, like Flo, an aptitude for search work and has high hunt and prey drive. We are looking forward to licensing Buster at the same time as his training partner Flo.

    Name: Titan (Ole Fellow) Male

    Breed: Malinios x GSD
    Age: 9
    Discipline: General Patrol/Firearms Recovery

    Titan worked with his handler on the first-ever operational deployment of Alpha Canine in the Lee Valley Regional Park and has been there lending support to the search team ever since. Titan is taught to track human scent and to recover objects that have traces of that human scent on them. He has been responsible for the detection of stolen motor vehicles by recovering their keys which were discarded by criminals leaving the scene. Our patrol dogs are not just there to prevent crime, but to detect it after a crime has been committed.






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